Dungeon Depths 1: Broken Bridge Falls

Dungeon Depths 1: Broken Bridge Falls

The fantasy dungeon above the falls

Broken Bridge Falls are the site of an ancient river crossing that fell to a barbarian invasion 500 years earlier. Although the bridge itself has collapsed into the river, above the Broken Bridge Falls, the center spire keep and smaller riverside forts still stand. Don’t forget to look for hidden passages! The main keep is four floors high, with still remaining doors and untrustworthy ladders. Below, the mightly falls rush to numerous boulders and smaller rocks. Includes river sections, making it possible to extend the river in either direction as far as you like.

Dungeon Depths Broken Bridge


column sets (2), falls, ground sets (6), ladder, stone sets (5), tunnels (2), water sets (2), complete scene

About Dungeon Depths Volume 2 R2 Complete Collection

Dungeon Depths Volume 1 is a model series based on the RPG adventure designs of partner My RPG Character. Several models in the series are based on the Book of Investigations Volume 1 RPG adventure set for d20 compatible role-playing games – the core system of the world’s most popular paper-and-pen role-playing game. Dungeon Depths Volume 1 is based on an alternate fantasy world based loosely on medieval Europe in 950 AD. In Dungeon Depths Volume 1, you will find locations typical of a fantasy RPG adventure.


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