Toon Santa 2009

Toon Santa 2009

The Ultimate Santa Claus for Poser

About Toon Santa 2009

Toon Santa is back to celebrate Christmas 2009! Toon Santa 2009 from Meshbox Design is the classic holiday character bringing joy and cheer to all. Toon Santa 2009 is based around the Ice Mountain theme. Ice Mountain is a little town a distance away from North Pole Village where Toon Santa likes to ski. Toon Santa 2009 not only includes a brand new expansion but also ALL PREVIOUS RELEASES OF TOON SANTA!

Toon Santa 2009 works with Poser 6+ and DAZ Studio 2.333+


Toon Santa 2009 Includes…

Toon Santa 2009 (the Gray Ice Mountain Santa)

  • Light Gray Santa – He’s got a light gray “ice mountain” colored outfit with a “lengthen” morph edge
  • Ushanka Hat Prop – Fluffy white Russian style fur cap for wintery slopes
  • Snowball Prop – A simple snowball for throwing
  • Ski Poles Props – Bright Red Ski Poles
  • Skis Prop – A pair of yellow skis to go along with the poles
  • Toon Santa’s Ski Goggles – Protective glass ski goggles
  • 6 Ice Mountain Related Poses – Hit by Snowball, Look Distant, Ski Accident, Ski Jump, Ski Push, Throwing Snowball, Zero (reset)
  • 1 New Body Dial – Select Toon Santa’s Hip joints and easily lengthen the edge of his coat

Toon Santa 2008 (the Blue Conductor Santa)

  • Dark Blue Santa – He’s got the deep blue coat of a traditional European style train conductor
  • Conductor’s Cap Prop – Gold plated, blue conductor’s cap
  • Conductor’s Lamp Prop – An old style train lamp for outside use
  • Toon Santa’s Glasses Prop – A new pair of gold rimmed glasses
  • Toon Santa’s Pocket Watch – Every conductor needs an accurate pocketwatch
  • 6 Conductor Related Poses – Tipping Hat, Holding Out Lamp (side), Holding Out Lamp (front), Looking at Pocket Watch, Putting on Glasses, Calling Out
  • 2 New Face Dials – LongBeard adjusts the frontal length of Toon Santa’s Beard, ShortBeard adjusts the sides and distance from the jawline. Shorter bearded Toon Santa looks great in his blue uniform

Toon Santa 2007(the Golden King of the North Pole Santa)

  • Gold Santa – King of the North Pole. Toon Santa now has a gold outfit.
  • Jeweled, Golden Crown Prop – As king of the North Pole, he sometimes has to wear a traditional crown
  • Guitar Prop – You knew he could play, didn’t you?
  • 2 Playing and Singing Poses – Two playing and singing poses for Toon Santa for use with Toon Santa’s guitar
  • Pipe Prop – Yes, Santa still has a bad habit or two
  • Smoking Pose – a pose to go along with his new pipe prop

Toon Santa, Classic Red (2006)

  • Refreshed and refined geometry with separate .obj and joint limits
  • New! Displacement maps on fringe, moustache, beard and eyebrows make Toon Santa 2006 the puffiest Santa yet!
  • New! Now Daz Mimic compatible!
  • New! Toon Santa has hands! He isnt stuck any longer with only his big mittens.
  • New! Separate OBJs of hat and gloves
  • New! Included .gifs of UV maps, allowing you to tweak Toon Santa to fit your needs!
  • New Face Dials: Surprise, Blink (left, right), Lbrow Up & Down, Rbrow Up & Down, Brows Up & Down, OpenLips, Mouth F, Mouth M, Mouth O, Blink, smile

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