Poser Pocket Knife

Poser Pocket Knife

Poser Pocket Knife Update

Current version is now 1.02

Poser 8 was apparently having some issues listing out selections when the number of options was greater than about a dozen. I have revised the script to now use the wxPython style GUI in place of the native Poser XML . Whilst at it I added an extra option in the morph deletion section. You may now select by morph name. It also supports wildcards.

I’ve sent out customer notifications but if for any reason you did not get one please email me your purchase details and I’ll be sure that the download information gets to you.

The Poser Pocket Knife includes many useful tools such as:-

Easy set up of dial dependencies.
Morph deletion using a number of criteria.
Deletion of surplus materials.
Hid/Show dials.
Easily delete multiple figures, lights, props or magnets.

Full details are at http://www.philc.net/PoserPocketKnife.php

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