Coffee Shop 3D for The Store

Coffee Shop 3D for The Store

Complete Seattle Style Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop is a complete transformation of The Store R2, adding signage for the Sandalwood Coffee House, chairs, tables, displays, machines and more – even two delicious looking drinks! This product even includes the building structure plus a new texture set to differentiate it from other stores in the mall. Includes modern coffee machines and even a touch screen point of sale and credit card receipt printer.

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Four (4) part display system, chair, ice coffee drink, hot coffee drink, coffee machine, cup, display case, Three (3) lamp systems, milk bowl, sign (logo), sign (text), sugar bowl, sugar bowl lid, table, tray

About The Store R2 Volume 1 Complete Collection

The Store Collection includes The Store 3D model from Meshbox Design, plus additional add-on packs to expand, update, modify and transform The Store into a multitude of uses and themes. Get The Store by itself or together with the Store Collection Volume 1 R2 – six theme packs plus a bonus theme pack only available in The Store Collection Volume 1 R2.


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Chikako is Art Director at Meshbox Design ( and also assists with 3D content direction at Mirye Software. She is also the translator working on the Shade 10 documentation.