SMART Halloween Giveaway

SMART Halloween Giveaway

Updated Oct 21! The vendors of SMART want to give you a howdy by offering you a free sample of our products!

PhilC’s Igor

PhilC has created a special, comical model of everyone’s favorite monster shocker, Igor! Includes a 30 frame walk lurch cycle.

October 21, 2009 – New Model! Dr Ninestein, Dr Ninestein, you are late for your experimental vivisection operation!  Check out PhilC’s newest addition to the SMART Halloween 2009 Givewaway,  Dr. Ninestein for Poser! (Already got your download info? Just redownload “Igor” again – because he’s got a friend with him).

Vanishing Point Eerie Morgue

An old, dark and creepy morgue. Complete with gurneys, body drawers, surgery lamp and bench and including props such as knifes, scissors, microscope and the lot.  As usual, several camera and light sets also included, as well as extra textures and with all the materials used – a few more – also available in the material room.

  • Props also included as separate objects with external geometry
  • 9 Light sets, 13 Camera presets included
  • Highly detailed and realistic textures, alternate materials included.
  • Trolley, drill, flask, pans, scissors, microscopes, jars, gurney, etc.

Meshbox Design’s Autumn Colors: Gypsy Wagon

You turn a corner along a wooded path – and there it is. A campfire heats an old cauldron nearby. The wagon has seen many years and many roads, and its paint is faded from the weather. Inside, the gypsy’s fortune telling table is ready, with cards and a crystal ball. Includes props: campfire, cards, stool, table, wagon, wagon demo, crystal ball

  • 3DS format models
  • 2048×2048 Texture Map and Bump Map
  • Poser 6+ PP2 Prop Versions of the model and all props
  • Bryce BR 5 Versions of the demo version
  • Vue VOB object versions of the model and all props

That’s all. No wait, there’s more! Phil says every Halloween giveaway needs haystacks. So Meshbox has tossed in a 3DS haystack with texture and bump maps!.

How to Participate

Fill in the form below to request these free models from the Poser Vendors. Requesting to participate is an express acknowledgment of the terms of participation – SEE SMART GIVEAWAY RULES.
November 4, 2009 – Thank you all for participating! A last batch of registrations is going out today. Please note that many didn’t get registered because they either had empty fields or fields that contained bogus information.



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