Nosferatu 3D for Shade

Nosferatu 3D for Shade

FM Murnau’s Classic Vampire, Free Halloween Weekend with Shade Purchase

About Nosferatu 3D for Shade

Based on the cinema representation of FM Murnau’s classic silent movie Nosferatu comes the vampire. The Shade version is mesh based, with a hierarchical, organized SHD file and support for the switch joint feature in Shade 10 for switching between facial expressions. Nosferatu 3D for Shade is easily posed, using the same design system as E Frontier Hanako.


This model is FREE with any purchase of Shade 10.31.09-11.02.09. See Site for Details.


Native Shade SHD including Master Surfaces

Contents of Nosferatu 3D for Shade

  • Nosferatu 3D native Shade 10 file (works with Shade 9)
  • Hierarchical, organized SHD
  • Switch Based Expressions (Shade 10): head (default), open eyes, close eyes, open mouth, smile, frown, angry, raise ears, flare nostrils
  • Ball Joint Based Organization

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