Peeslee School of Medicine

Peeslee School of Medicine

Visit the home of Herbert West – Miskatonic University School of Medicine

The Peeslee School of Medicine is the main medical training college at Miskatonic University. The main building has two full floors. On the first floor, you have two large lecture halls, smaller class rooms and of course, a main reception area that opens out onto the back lawn. There’s plenty of room to expand on the top floor. Includes six medical pictures to adorn the walls. A beautiful, decorative dome structure is visible on the roof. A new addition – a complete dental lab for a course in dentistry!

Peeslee School of Medicine


dental chair, bench, (2) bench rows, big desk, blackboard, chair, dais/desk, (2) dais, (2) filing cabinet, lamp, (2) scalpels,(4) medical pincers, (8) medical placards/pictures, lecture hall stair block, dental stool, (4) tables, (2) bench row tables, 1920s telephone, 1920s dental x-ray machine, dental carosel

*denotes new additions to the R2 version!

About Miskatonic University Volume 2 R2 Complete Collection

Miskatonic University Volume 2 R2 is a complete set of eight models – including the upper floors and structures of the street level version of the building, with a separate, complete basement – furnished and ready for any sort of scene. This set includes buildings that would be found in the horror fiction works of HP Lovecraft in the town of Arkham. Each building is developed to fit into a 1930′s New England college or university setting.

Who is HP Lovecraft? HP Lovecraft is an American horror writer who wrote primarily in the 1930s. His works included The Call of Cthulhu, The Colour from Space, The Dunwich Horror, The Doom that Came to Sarnath and At the Mountains of Madness – many of works are referred to as being a part of the Cthulhu Mythos, a nihilistic universe of dark and unknowable threats to humanity. Many of his stories focused on the area of the New England town of Arkham and its Miskatonic University.


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